Source: The government is negotiating to keep US forces within NATO to avoid the parliament’s decision

Baghdad / Al-Ikhbaria:

A government source revealed, today, Monday, the government put forward a proposal for the American side to keep the American army within NATO forces to avoid the parliament’s decision.

Russia Today channel quoted the source as saying, “There is communication between the Iraqi and American governments about the future of the American forces in Iraq, and the common desire between them is for negotiations to begin and continue for months or a year.”

He added that “one of the existing proposals is for NATO to be in Iraq and the presence of American forces to be included in this alliance.”

He pointed out that “Iraqi government officials confirmed to US officials their need for US bases in Iraq.”

Last Sunday, the Iraqi parliament adopted a resolution committing the Iraqi government to end the presence of any foreign forces on Iraqi soil and preventing it from using its lands, airspace and water for any reason.

“At this point, any delegation heading to Iraq will be charged with discussing the best way to reassert our strategic partnership, not to discuss the withdrawal of forces,” State Department spokeswoman Morgan Ortigos said in a statement.

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