Pompeo: We will work with Iraqi leaders to determine the most appropriate place to deploy American forces

Time: 13/1/20 11:03 PM

(Baghdad: Al Furat News) The US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, announced that the United States intends to work with the Iraqi leadership to determine the most appropriate place for the deployment of American forces in Iraq.

Pompeo said in a speech to him, California, today, Monday: “As for how the issue of the location of our forces inside Iraq will be resolved in the end, we will work … with the elected leaders in Iraq to choose the most appropriate place.”

The US Secretary of State had confirmed the US readiness to continue the dialogue with Iraq on the “appropriate structure” for the US military presence in the country, following the release of the office of the resigned Prime Minister, Adel Abdul-Mahdi, in a statement, in which he said he requested to send delegates to Iraq to put in place implementation mechanisms Iraqi House of Representatives decision to withdraw American forces.

The United States announced that any American delegation visiting Iraq will not discuss withdrawing American forces. is over


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