The provincial government sets two conditions that must be met by the next prime minister

Editing Date: 12/1/2020 13:54


The official spokesman for the regional government, Gottiar Adel, confirmed on Sunday that the visit of the resigned prime minister, Adel Abdul Mahdi, to the region was appropriate at a very appropriate time for both parties, indicating that the next prime minister should be accepted by everyone, And to abide by the constitution so as not to repeat the same mistakes.

Adel said, in a press statement today, Sunday, that “the two sides discussed various aspects of the bilateral relationship between Baghdad and Erbil, including the budget, in addition to that the visit was on the other hand to complement previous discussions that were completed, in addition to the recent developments in the region, in particular The current regional crisis. ”

He added that “the discussions on the budget have been taken good steps on it, as it was stressed the importance of the commitment of the government, whether current or future, to the budget agreement, because of its great importance, from our point of view,” noting that “the importance of the independence of the Iraqi decision regarding All the issues raised, and there was a convergence of views on them, as it was emphasized that the relationship between the center and the region be a relationship of mutual trust for the benefit of both parties.

In response to a question about the decision to withdraw the US from Iraq, Adel stressed, “The Iraqi parliament issued a decision in this regard, and we had – and still are – a opinion on this issue, as we see that the decision was taken under the weight of emotions and haste, and we have demonstrated this clearly, But in the end it became a decision, as long as it was passed by the majority. “He pointed out that the Kurdistan Region’s vision is based on the fact that decisions of this kind need time, and we also believe that the international alliance still represents a need we have because the ISIS threat remains.

With regard to the file of choosing the next government, the spokesman for the regional government stressed that “the current prime minister does not bear responsibility for what happened, as an accumulation of legacies, and the reasons are clear, most notably the lack of adherence to the constitution, and therefore, our view is based on the fact that the next prime minister is acceptable By everyone, and to abide by the constitution so that the same mistakes are not repeated. ”

For his part, an informed Iraqi government source said, “The atmosphere of the talks held by Abdul-Mahdi in Erbil was comfortable, and the government delegation was surprised by the region’s position, which appeared to be identical with the government’s point of view on many important issues, or was understood by them, even with notes.” .

The government source, who preferred not to be named, continued, “The Kurdish leadership has shown understanding about basic matters, such as the American withdrawal, or other points that appear controversial, but there is a feeling among all of the importance of looking at the future of Iraq.”

Regarding the main objective of the visit, the source stressed that “after internal and regional events, it was necessary to consult with the Kurdish leaders on common sensitive files, including security and the internal situation, the regional crisis and its repercussions, and the US withdrawal decision taken by the Iraqi parliament.”

The Kurdistan Regional Government announced yesterday, Saturday, the details of the meeting of the President of the Kurdistan Regional Government, Masrour Barzani, with Abdel Mahdi, as he stated in a statement to the Kurdistan Regional Government, that “during the meeting between the two sides, a light was shown on the latest developments in Iraq and the region, relations between the two sides, and the two sides confirmed, The importance of distancing Iraq from external conflicts, and it was stressed that the country must have balanced relations with everyone.


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