The patron of the royal movement in Iraq, Ali Bin Al Hussein, announced on Saturday 11/12020, his candidacy for the presidency of the transitional government in Iraq, while pledging to meet the demands of the demonstrators.

 Politics    01/2020 20:26  1613          

Baghdad today – Baghdad

He said in a video clip broadcast to the media: “In line with the demands of the young demonstrators and for the sake of those who presented their blood as sacrifices to restore the homeland and their wasted dignity and what they stipulated of specific specifications and what the rational reference put forward and what I affirmed of the necessity of choosing a non-dialectical person, and to the desire of many, I put my name in your hands as a candidate For prime minister. ”

He added: “I have the honor to pledge to the people and youth to meet the demands they have set, and we will spare no effort to implement the demands of the demonstrators and walk the country to safety.”

In the latest developments in the political scene and the issue of choosing a new prime minister to run a transitional government that paves the way for early elections, Hanin Qadwan, the deputy of the Construction Alliance, affirmed the political movement to choose the personality of the alternative prime minister is still continuing and has not stopped, suggesting the possibility of reaching new names in the coming days.

Qaddo said in an interview with him (Baghdad today), today, Saturday, that “the American attacks on Iraqi lands united the Shiite political forces in particular, and made the choice of the prime minister more smooth.”

He added that “the dialogue and communication between the political forces is still going on in order to choose a prime minister to replace the resigned Adel Abdul Mahdi,” noting that “the coming days may witness the introduction of new names agreed upon and enjoy the acceptability of the street.”

He pointed out that “the political struggle is not far from the arenas of protest and everyone knows this, by dropping some names popularly and talking about their rejection by the demonstrators, which is something that is feared to be repeated.”

On Friday, the supreme authority, al-Sistani, stated in his statement read by the representative of the authority Ahmad al-Safi in Karbala that the political map that was discussed in more than one Friday sermon represents the correct way to end the crisis the country is going through.

He added, “In times of adversity and adversity, the need for cooperation and solidarity is urgent, and this can only be achieved with the willingness of all parties to give up even a part of their own interests and the preponderance of public interests over them.”

He pointed out that “dealing in a prevailing manner by the different parties, each of which possesses an aspect of power, influence and capabilities, and trying each of them to impose their vision on the rest of them will lead to the persistence of the crisis and its difficulty in resolving the solution, and therefore everyone may come out of it losers, and the greatest loss will be the share of the country and the general public Those who have no income in the current internal and external conflicts and whose matter does not concern them to the extent that they are concerned with the security and stability of their country, the preservation of its independence and sovereignty, and the provision of a free and dignified life for them and their children.

The Sistani authority considered that “what took place in the last days of serious attacks and repeated violations of Iraqi sovereignty with apparent weakness of the authorities concerned in protecting the country and its people from these attacks and violations is part of the repercussions of the current crisis,” indicating that “what is required of everyone to think carefully about what can The situation will lead to it if it is not ended because of the insistence on some positions and refusing to budge on it. ”

And he added, “This is expected to exacerbate problems in its various aspects of security, political, economic and social, and to allow others to have more interference in the affairs of the country and seize the opportunity to achieve their ambitions in it.”

The reference statement pointed out that “everyone’s sense of national responsibility and translating this feeling into influential situations in developing a solution to the current crisis by responding to the requirements of reform in accordance with the map that has been talked about again constitutes the right way out of this crisis if I want to end it with an acceptable result, after all the great sacrifices made by the sons of this The country on various fronts and arenas. ”

On Sunday (1 December 2019), the House of Representatives approved the resignation of Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi from his post, which he submitted after the Supreme Religious Authority called on Parliament to reconsider its confidence in the government, against the backdrop of the killing of dozens of demonstrators and the injury of hundreds during the past few days In Najaf and Dhi Qar.

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