Sharif Ali bin Al Hussein announces his candidacy for the premiership


Editing Date: 11/21/2020 22:08 
On Saturday, Sharif Ali bin Al Hussein announced his candidacy for the post of prime minister in Iraq, while promising to meet the demands of the demonstrators.
In a video clip broadcast to the media today, Al-Sharif said: “In line with the demands of the young demonstrators and for the sake of those who presented their blood as sacrifices to restore the homeland and their wasted dignity and what they stipulated of specific specifications and what the rational reference offered and what I affirmed of the necessity of choosing a non-dialectical figure, and to the will of many, I put my name In your hands as a candidate for prime minister. “

He added: “I have the honor to pledge to the people and youth to meet the demands they have set, and we will spare no effort to implement the demands of the demonstrators and walk the country to safety.”

Al-Sharif was the last of the remaining royal family whose members were all killed on July 14, 1958, when he was outside Al-Rehab Palace at the time.

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