Trump told Fox News: Iraqi leaders are not asking for withdrawal in private talks and Soleimani was targeting the US embassy in Baghdad

Baghdad / Obelisk: US President Donald Trump said on Fox News Friday that he believed Iran was intending to target four US embassies.

“We will inform you that it was most likely the embassy in Baghdad,” Trump said in an excerpt from the interview. “I can reveal that I think it may have been four embassies,” he added.

Asked that the Iraqi response to the killing of Qassem Soleimani could lead to the departure of US forces in Iraq, Trump confirmed that he agreed with that.

He clarified that he did not coordinate with Iraqi officials about the departure of the American forces in Iraq, noting that this is what the Iraqis want and say publicly there is no secret in that, but they do not put that in the talks.

Earlier, the US State Department said that the United States does not intend to consider withdrawing its forces with Iraq.

On January 2, Trump ordered an air strike against Qassem Soleimani after violent protests at the embassy in Baghdad, which the United States said was Iran that incited it. No American was killed in the strike.

The American president’s justifications for the killing of Soleimani changed, as he said that the Iranian general was planning to launch unspecified “imminent” attacks against American forces.

He also blamed Soleimani’s history for helping to stir up trouble in the Middle East and providing weapons to the factions that used them to kill American soldiers in the war in Iraq.

On the other hand, Friday, the US State Department’s special envoy for Iranian affairs, Brian Hook, confirmed Washington’s readiness to hold talks on the Iranian file.

Hook said today in Brussels that US President Donald Trump announced the opening of doors again to American diplomacy to negotiate this file.

Hook said Trump would like to reach a new nuclear agreement with Iran to overcome differences between the two countries.

Hook added: “We call on Iran to do the same and not meet our diplomatic approach with military violence.”

In 2018, the United States announced unilaterally the end of the nuclear agreement reached after unremitting efforts with Iran aimed at preventing it from achieving nuclear weapons production.

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