The demonstrators are flocking to Tahrir Square .. and activists mocking: Why do Iran’s missiles only fall in Iraq?



The demonstrators, Iraqis, continued to arrive at Tahrir Square

in the center of the capital, Baghdad, and Al-Khulani’s approaches, as the three bridges continued to be closed.

Activists stressed that the demonstrators are stationed in the Turkish restaurant, the garage of Al-Senk, Al-Sinak and Al-Gomhoria bridges on the first lines. As for Al-Wathba Square and Al-Ahrar Bridge, there are few arrivals and there is no friction for more than 5 days.

They pointed out that the checkpoints are present by the demonstrators and the security forces at every entrance that leads to the demonstration yards.

While activists affirmed that the choice of Iraqi lands as an arena for the conflict between Tehran and Washington is not a coincidence, preceded by conflicts that did not attract public opinion as the missiles did.

The activists added that there are American military bases closer to  than the American bases in Iraq, so why do not  missiles fall except in Iraq.

They stressed that this is due to the weakness of the ruling authority in Iraq, and that  controls that authority. The three presidencies in  are subject, by direct order, to the mullahs’ regime in Iran.

They also added that  established many terrorist militias in  as the PMF, Asa’ib Ahl al-Haq, Badr, the Nujaba movement, the Iraqi Hezbollah, and other terrorist militias in Iraq.

Activists have suggested that  witnesses an escalation of protests within the next few days, after protesters gave President Barham Saleh three days, until January 10, to appoint an interim prime minister that complies with the conditions set in a statement issued on Monday, and described the authority as “the enemy of the people.”

Activists stressed that the demonstrators will step up the pace of the protests if the demands are not met within the deadline of 3 days, and the demonstrations will return to the previous period as it was last October.

The activists said that the official agencies are trying to undermine the demonstrators by accusing them of employment for the American and British embassies, stressing that the Iraqis who demonstrate do not want anything but a free and democratic Iraq away from the stakeholders looking for personal benefits or benefits for other parties and countries.

They added that there are armed militias loyal to Iran that issue statements and statements seeking to “ride the wave of demonstrations” such as the Sadrist movement, which presents itself as with the demonstrators, while some of its elements are conducting campaigns of arbitrary arrests and intimidation of protesters.

2 thoughts on “The demonstrators are flocking to Tahrir Square .. and activists mocking: Why do Iran’s missiles only fall in Iraq?

  1. I hope the protesters continue until the force new elections and we are still there to protect them

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