Sadr calls for the formation of a government within 15 days and advises the demonstrators: Stop stubbornness

Time: 1/8/208 8:58 PM R

(Baghdad: Al Furat News) The leader of the Sadrist movement, Mr. Muqtada al-Sadr, called for the speedy formation of a “strong government within 15 days”.

Al-Sadr said in a tweet to him on Twitter: “The two parties contacted the dismissed Prime Minister before the airstrike, so did he agree to implement it or not? God knows, but what concerns me now is:

First: This severe crisis “intensity” has occurred, especially after the speech of (US President Donald) Trump and the speech of the Islamic Republic.

Second: Accelerating the formation of a strong and strong government that restores its prestige and independence to Iraq in a period of no more than fifteen days and without political, parliamentary, sectarian, or ethnic polemics, and by presenting five candidates with integrity and experience so that a final candidate is chosen to form an interim government that oversees early elections and other matters We mentioned earlier, and it was enough of recklessness from some political blocs and enough stubbornness from the demonstrators and wasting Iraq, because these violations were not repeated in the future from any of the neighboring countries or from the great evil of America.

Third: The relentless pursuit to end the presence of the occupier, restrain its control and increasing influence, and its interference in Iraqi affairs, so our patience is almost implemented for the many foreign interventions that do not take into account the interests of Iraq. ”

Fourth: I call on the Iraqi factions to be patient and patient, not to start military action and to silence the voice of militancy from some of the disciplines until all political, parliamentary and international methods are exhausted.

Fifth: I recommend closing all headquarters of the PMF so that it is not a target for global arrogance, especially if our decision becomes military resistance with the occupier in the event he refuses to go out and exhaust all political methods.

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