Tahrir Square protestors set a date for ending their sit-ins with a final message to Saleh

Editing Date: 1/7/2020 12:01


The protestors of Tahrir Square in Baghdad sent a message to President of the Republic Barham Saleh, describing it as the “last” regarding choosing a candidate to head the government.

“The following statement represents the aspirations and convictions of more than 80% of Tahrir Square, which is trying to break these convictions with agendas that only God knows,” she said in the message published yesterday, Monday, January 6, 2020. They write their last message, 98 days after the start of the demonstrations on the first of last October, during which more than (600 martyrs) and more than (21,000 wounded) were killed (5 thousand disabled persons) and more than (60 kidnapped and missing) and hundreds of detainees, which Our flag was in it (the Iraqi flag) only, and our anthem (my homeland), our (peaceful) weapon, and our slogan (we want a homeland). ”

The sitters stressed that “our last message, which will be our last speech with you, is addressed to the President of the Republic of Iraq, and we assure him of the following:

1 – That you be given the freedom to assign the personality of a temporary Prime Minister during the next few days, and that it fits with our specifications.

2- That you assign one of the names that have the acceptance in most of the sit-in, and it was announced in the squares and means of communication, to remain compatible with our specifications, and then any person pledges immediately upon his assignment to accomplish our ten tasks that we previously announced, and work to contain the current crisis, And not to allow the infringement of our sovereignty, that sovereignty that we Iraqis will not be satisfied with, whoever it is, and for whatever pretext. ”

“We also know that all that is happening now is caused by the governments of the corruption, quota and devastation parties, which have stolen this great country all that it possesses, and led us to what we are now,” she said, noting that “as soon as the President of the Republic assigns a person to the Prime Minister What is new, we will announce our new initiatives from the sit-in sit-in, to give the next government the full opportunity to accomplish its tasks, prepare for early elections, and we will continue to monitor what you do, and diagnose all the next steps.


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