US Secretary of Defense: We are not planning to withdraw from Iraq

Time: 7/1/20 12:03 AM

{International: Al Furat News} US Defense Secretary Mark Asper said that Washington has no plans to withdraw from Iraq.

He stated that “his team is trying to find out more about the memo on withdrawing from Iraq,” stressing, “We have no plans to withdraw.”

“It could be about redeployment, not withdrawal . ”

The local and foreign media had published a document attributed to operations of the International Alliance on starting arrangements for the withdrawal of US forces from Iraq.

It reads: ” Out of respect for the sovereignty of the Republic of Iraq and as requested by the Iraqi parliament and the Prime Minister, the Joint Task Force Command – Operation Solid Resolve will relocate the forces during the coming days and weeks.”

The statement added: In order to accomplish this mission, the coalition forces must take certain measures to ensure a safe exit from Iraq.

He continued: “During this time there will be an increase in helicopter flights over and around the Green Zone in Baghdad.”

He stressed that the coalition forces will take all measures to ease the inconvenience to the public, this will be the implementation of the tasks during the night hours and emphasize the value of our partnership and inviting us to support Jmhoriuckm at the time of need during the defeat of the organization Daesh and we respect the sovereign decision which demanded Brahilna. ” Ended

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