Treachery, shame and betrayal” … Iraqi Hezbollah threatens parliament and the Kurds

January 05, 2020

The statement also made arrows of his threat to the Kurds

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The political bureau of the Iraqi Hezbollah militia threatened members of Parliament, who is holding a session today to discuss the American presence in Iraq, amid sharp contradictions in the attitudes of deputies between supporters of and against this resolution.

The statement stressed the necessity of canceling the strategic framework agreement with the United States, threatening those who reject this decision that “this session will be a ruling on the political forces and personalities that will be with the people and unity of Iraq, or those that tend to have narrow interests, suspicious links, and national orientations, or Sectarianism, or factionalism, is recorded with a black supply in the register of traitors, sellers of conscience and honor, and our people will not accept any excuse or justification.

The statement also made arrows of its threat to the Kurds, noting that “some Kurdish forces tend to keep these forces for purposes related to dreams of secession.”

The statement concluded with a direct threat to Parliament, saying: “These days in the history of Iraq, we will not hesitate to expose traitors and conspirators against the sovereignty of our homeland, and we will deny them entry to Baghdad and prevent them from dealing with them, and we will not allow their interests to continue.”

The Hezbollah Brigades warned the Iraqi security forces not to approach US bases, starting on Sunday.

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