2 thoughts on “@Metsmaga

  1. Attention Walter,

    I found your site many months or years ago. All along it seemed and appeared non partisan. Which I respected very much. However this post appears to be extremely partisan and that is okay because it is your site. I know I have the option of unsubscribing if I don’t like the content. I would like to know is the about post a “one off” or will personal views or ideologies continue to be posted to your site? I share your articles every day to others but I personally will not continue to do so if like the one posted above continues.



    • Otha, thanks for bringing that to my attention- my actual attention was to just post the video of Iraqi’s celebrating. I prefer to post articles, but every now & then I’ll post a tweet usually of factual matters.
      My goal is not to offend, but to share information.
      Thanks for being a follower!


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