Foreign Policy: Barham Salih provided the greatest service to US interests in Iraq


Political | 06:53 – 01/01/2020


Baghdad – Mawazine News
, the head of strategic research at the US National Defense University, Richard. De. Hooker, Iraqi President Barham Saleh provided the greatest service to US interests by resisting the nomination of a prime minister that was not in line with Washington’s policy.
Hooker said in the article published by the website of the American Foreign Policy Institute for Studies, “Technology and cyberspace have become a weapon with an impact on international and regional equations. Social media has helped us organize a (revolution) on Facebook and WhatsApp in Iraq in recent months and this (revolution) So far, the national interest of the United States has served more than the US military campaign in Iraq in 2003. ”
He added that “this (revolution) or protests has placed the Shiite government in Iraq, which was a threat to American interests, on the brink of collapse, where despair, inefficiency, lack of statehood, and political instability have spread throughout Iraq.” It is very important for us to prevent the re-establishment of a Shiite state that conflicts with the American national interest in Iraq, as there are political unrest throughout the country now. ”
He pointed out that, “Through a call he made with the former Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security Affairs and former Adviser for Middle East Policy Robert Karim, he assured me that“ We (America) currently have the upper hand in Iraq ten years ago, and Barham Saleh provided the greatest service to American interests from While resisting the nomination of a prime minister and preventing the formation of the rule of law in Iraq, I have always said that the Kurdish tribes, their capabilities and intentions are the strategic depth of America in Iraq and the eastern Mediterranean region.
He explained that “Iraq could become today a safe and trustworthy country for the United States if a military coup occurred, so the next Iraqi government must be formed outside the existing blocs and this is my serious advice to the Pentagon advisers and President Trump.”

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