Exciting details about the storming of the American embassy: Maesh militias paid $ 35 for each element involved in the incident


Observers revealed exciting details in the process of storming the ISIS terrorist militia to the American embassy in Baghdad, where the militias involved three thousand people in the storming for $ 35 per item.

Observers emphasized that this is not new to those terrorist militias loyal to Iran, as some are exploited in exchange for cheap money to carry out these sordid purposes.

The incident showed the besieging of the American embassy in  showed the extent of the power and influence of the forces loyal to Iran in Iraq, in front of the weakness of the state and its security services and its inability to implement its international obligations to protect diplomatic missions.

For its part, the American New York Times reported that the Iraqi government “intentionally allowed protesters from the Hashd militia to enter the Green Zone and demonstrate in front of the US embassy building and attack it.”

The newspaper added in a report that “the Iraqi government allowed members of the crowd to enter the fortified Green Zone on Tuesday, which allowed the protest to take place, and showed Iran’s strong influence as well as the government’s difficulty in controlling these {protesters”).

She noted that “their ability to storm the most heavily guarded areas in  indicates that they have obtained at least implicit permission from Iraqi security officials sympathetic to their demands.”

For his part, the leader of the Salvation and Development Front, Atheel al-Nujaifi, said in a press statement that Tehran was financing the militias from Iraqi, not Iranian, funds, and the Iraqi funded sources are still available through the economic offices they have and the parties associated with them ideologically.

As well as from the corruption funds that were looted from the Iraqi state, such as oil, and the sale of currency in auctions of the Central Bank, which is a major source for financing Iran’s wars abroad.

Al-Nujaifi also confirmed that these funds are stolen from the money of the Iraqi state, and the militias are funded by them to support the Iranian revolution in all its arms.

He pointed out that these militias beat the unarmed Iraqi demonstrators with their weapons, killed and wounded thousands of them, only because they demanded their legitimate rights, and that these militias possess a religious belief that is to preserve the authority and power of the Iranian revolution at any cost, whatever the blood that is shed to maintain its control, especially in Iraq.


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