Deputy for Saeroun: The candidate for prime minister is still vague … and this is the best solution


(Baghdad: Al Furat News) The deputy of the Saeron Alliance, Mahmoud Al-Azrajawi, confirmed that there is ambiguity regarding the issue of the prime minister candidate.

Al-Azrajawi said {for Al-Furat News} that “the Sawaroun Parliamentary Bloc stands in the opposition’s position until the candidate’s demonstration plots for the prime minister become clear,” indicating “a state of mystery prevails in the candidate’s position.”  

He added that “the demonstration squares circulated the names of five personalities, but did not provide a single name to be put in the parliament hall,” hoping that “the demonstration squares would adopt a parliamentary bloc to present their candidate,” calling them to “work with a questionnaire to choose the character.”

Al-Azrajawi pointed out that “there was a defect in the concept of referendum in the demonstration squares and they had to distribute the questionnaire forms to choose the candidate.”

And he added that “Baghdad, Najaf and Dhi Qar provinces are able to hold a referendum by choosing the prime minister,” believing that “the referendum will be the best solution for choosing the prime minister after all political blocs refuse to nominate the candidate.”

The deputy of the Saeron Alliance pointed out that “there are 3 names currently under consideration for choosing the prime minister {without revealing them”

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