Launching the online application for housing fund loans

The headquarters of the Housing Fund

Construction and building

Economy News – Baghdad

The housing fund will launch next Thursday the electronic submission of loans in Baghdad and all governorates except for the Kurdistan region, while pointing out that the number of transactions disbursed during the year 2019 exceeded 27 thousand.

An official source in the Ministry of Construction, Housing and Public Municipalities said in press statements seen by “Al-Iqtisad News”, that “the Housing Fund has begun, since last September, to prepare an electronic form for applying for housing loans for those who wish to obtain it.”

The source added, “The form is installed on a special link, as the form is completed and information and documents are sent electronically according to a precise electronic system, while the transaction is received and audited and then a message is sent to the owner of the transaction that includes a code that depends on the citizen during his review.”

He explained that “the form was subject during the past period to some technical administrative procedures to ensure that the application process is easy for citizens”, noting that “the fund decided to launch an electronic application for the fund’s loans starting next Thursday, the second of January 2020 in Baghdad and all the provinces Except for the Kurdistan region. ”

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