Alliance of Forces: storming the US embassy exposes Iraq to “international isolation”

Baghdad / Obelisk: The coalition of forces announced, on Tuesday, December 31, 2019, its rejection of attempts to storm the US embassy in the capital, Baghdad, while calling on the government to protect diplomatic missions.

The coalition stated in a statement received by Al-Masala, that the “Iraqi Forces Alliance confirms its rejection of the attempts to attack and storm the American embassy in Baghdad,” calling on the Iraqi government to “adhere to the implementation of international agreements to protect diplomatic missions.”

He added that “these actions do not represent the official or popular directions of Iraq, nor can any party be allowed to impose its control or will on a country like Iraq, or to risk its role and status in this way, as we prepare this matter a dangerous development that offends Iraq and its status, and exposes it to international isolation.” It affects its present and future. ”

The coalition stated, “While we confirm our position rejecting any violation of Iraqi sovereignty by others or assaulting the Iraqi people in any way, we demand in return that we impose the law and not allow irresponsible reactions from violating the state system and the diplomatic agreements and norms.”

On Tuesday morning, funeral ceremonies for the martyrs of the popular crowd, who were killed as a result of the American bombing in Anbar Governorate, were held Sunday evening.



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