Urgent {Al Furat News} publishes the text of the government’s response to the US bombing of the crowd

Editing Date: 12/30/2019 18:36

{Baghdad: Al Furat News} The Ministerial Council for National Security held an emergency meeting in which it examined the repercussions of the attack launched by the American planes against the Iraqi forces (brigade 45 and 46 crowd) on the Iraqi-Syrian border.

A council statement issued by the Prime Minister’s Office stated, “The Euphrates News Agency received a copy of it,” as the Iraqi government condemns this action and considers it a violation of the sovereignty of Iraq and a serious violation of the rules of operation of the coalition forces, including the US forces, to carry out operations without the approval of the Iraqi government, not to mention that this operation targeted forces An Iraqi who clings to an important front on the border against the remnants of the ISIS terrorist organization, which endangers the security and sovereignty of Iraq, and also threatens the security of all without exception. ”

“Dozens of martyrs and wounded people from our valiant forces have fallen as a result of this attack, and the American forces have relied on their own conclusions and their political priorities, not the priorities as seen by the government and people of Iraq, and that protecting Iraq, its camps, the forces present in it, and representations is the responsibility of the Iraqi security forces exclusively, and it is they who decide The need to use its partners not for others – and whatever the justifications, to do so unilaterally and against the will of the Iraqi state and its supreme interests. ”

“Iraq has repeatedly stressed its refusal to be a battleground or a party to any regional or international conflict, and has made strenuous efforts to prevent frictions and reduce clashes in a country and region that has lived for decades for conflicts, interventions, occupation and wars,” he said.

He stressed, “It must not be forgotten by anyone that the enormous sacrifices and tortures that the people said they should carry and that Iraq made in its fight against ISIS not only provided peace and security in Iraq, but also contributed effectively and mainly to strengthening regional and international peace and security, and that threatening the security of Iraq and introducing it into Side conflicts will turn back on everyone with the most serious dangers and losses, and that many of the martyrs and wounded as a result of the recent attack have contributed to making these victories against the terrorist ISIS. ”

The National Security Council pointed out that “this sinful attack violates the goals and principles for which the international coalition is formed, which pushes Iraq to review the relationship and security and political and legal work contexts in a manner that preserves the sovereignty and security of the country, protecting the lives of its children and promoting common interests.”


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