Talabani as a substitute for the late Barwari in the leadership of the Golden Group

Security of

Saman Talabani,

the golden band

Fadel Barwari

12/29/2019 10:25:21

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Shafak News / Brigadier Saman Talabani, the coordination officer between the Peshmerga and the Iraqi army, was chosen to be the commander of the Golden Anti-Terror Squad as a substitute for the late Major General Fadel Barwari.

Two years after the death of the leader of the Iraqi Golden Anti-Terrorism Brigade, Major General Fadel Barwari, and his replacement was not chosen, Brigadier General Saman Talabani (on the KDP’s share) was chosen to be the new leader of the aforementioned division.

And Brigadier Talabani, before assuming this position, held the position of coordinating between the Kurdistan Peshmerga forces and the Iraqi army in the war against the terrorist organization “ISIS”.



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