Tariq Harb: The nomination period for prime minister can be extended to 7 months

Baghdad / Obelisk: Legal expert, Tariq Harb, confirmed on Saturday, December 21, 2019, that there is a possibility to extend the period of nomination of a new prime minister to seven months, similar to what happened at the time of the former prime minister.

Harb said in an interview with the obelisk that “even if the period of fifteen days for assignment ends, the President of the Republic has another period to choose a candidate after he asked the Federal Court to clarify the conditions of the largest bloc.”

He added, “This matter, even if it is based on a constitutional violation, but it does not have any effect, such as punishing the perpetrators of that violation, especially as the position of the Prime Minister is not vacant in the presence of the Prime Minister of the caretaker government.”

He pointed out that “the constitution stipulates that the person who will be nominated for the formation of the new government is presented to the President of the Republic by the largest political bloc in Parliament, and not the president who is responsible for assigning.”



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