Urgent Al-Aboudi Al-Furat: Tomorrow the candidate for prime minister will be decided … and an important constitutional amendment

Editing Date: 12/17/2019 22:18

{Baghdad: Al Furat News}. The deputy from the “Sadqoun” bloc expected Naim Al-Aboudi to settle the candidate for prime minister tomorrow, Wednesday.

“There is an implicit consensus that there must be a prime minister ready for the elections for a period not exceeding one year and tomorrow night, there will be a prime minister, and there is a real will and direction to resolve the prime minister, night or tomorrow, and before the constitutional deadline that ends next Thursday is stressed,” he said. Young people have a role in the next situation, but it needs those who prepare the early elections. ”

He added, “There are honest and competent personalities, but their party affiliation prevents their candidacy for prime minister. All that the media are discussing are merely unofficial nominations and should not be overlooked by legal contexts and the constitutional period is about to end and the movement continues to resolve tomorrow.”

He added, “The demonstrators are different in determining the characteristics of the prime minister and the political class. They were mistaken in previous periods and should not be repeated.” He added that “embassies press to impose personalities for the prime minister and pressure to pass candidates in their favor and states must respect internal affairs and respect bilateral relations.”

Al-Aboudi added, “The Iraqi political decision suffers from disintegration and lack of trust between the political blocs and made the foreigner dare to interfere.”

He explained that “the tasks of the next government will be limited to the authority to hold early elections,” stressing that “confining arms to the hand of the government will prevent chaos and there can be no stability unless this matter is achieved, especially heavy and medium weapons, and we do not believe that the transitional government is able to achieve this.”

He noted that ”

Al-Aboudi called for “limiting the demonstrations to the designated areas and distinguishing peaceful ones from non-peaceful ones,” noting that “the violence witnessed in some governorates has confused the security situation and this should not affect the security file, and the law must be imposed and prohibited from deflecting demonstrations.”

He said, “The demonstrations have achieved what political forces have not accomplished since 2003,” noting that “we are studying the amendment of Article 76 of the constitution regarding the largest bloc, meaning that alliances will be formed before and not after the elections.”

He stressed that “the real reform of the political process begins with the electoral law.”

“The lack of confidence between the blocs made the Iraqi decision suffer from disintegration, and some are trying to drag the country into internal fighting,” he added.

On the US sanctions against Iraqi personalities, including the Secretary General of the Asa’ib Ahl al-Haq movement, Sheikh Qais Khazali, Al-Aboudi said that “

He added, “Some wanted to drag the gangs of the people of truth into internal sectarian and national fighting, and this will not be accepted and we will not be dragged to it.”



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