Document: The Iraqi parliament meets tomorrow to vote on the legislative elections law



election law



12/17 2019 14:44:09

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Shafaq News / The Iraqi Council of Representatives is scheduled to hold a regular session tomorrow, Wednesday, to include voting on the draft legislative elections law.

Hassan Karim Al-Kaabi, the first deputy speaker of the House of Representatives, chaired earlier in the day a meeting of heads and representatives of parliamentary blocs, to discuss the final touches of the draft law on the House of Representatives elections.

A parliamentary source had reported that the parliamentary blocs had reached an agreement on the legislative elections law.

The source said to Shafak News, that the blocs agreed that the constituencies be multiple and the nomination is individual within the electoral law.

In the previous session, the parliament failed to vote on this bill due to the differences between the parliamentary blocs on some of its paragraphs.


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