Legal expert reveals the reason for Saleh’s request to determine the largest bloc


2019-12-16 | 06:44


Alsumaria news


The legal expert, Tariq Harb, revealed, on Monday, the reason for calling on the President of the Republic, Barham Salih, to determine the largest bloc, while noting that there is no vacancy for the post of prime minister even after the specified constitutional deadline has expired.

In a statement to Alsumaria, Harb said, “The President of the Republic Barham Saleh approached the parliament and asked him to determine the largest number of parliamentary blocs, which came because he did not approve the prime minister’s candidate, Mohamed Shi’a Al-Sudani.”

He added, “There is no larger parliamentary bloc because no bloc has been declared the largest so far.”


He added that “some say that the position of the prime minister will be vacated and taken over by the president of the republic.” Constitutional deadline. ”

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