Parliamentary Legal: Political blocs will resolve “technical” differences in the electoral law within two days



Baghdad – news

The Parliamentary Legal Committee revealed today, Sunday, the most prominent political differences over the election law, while it was suggested that the law be approved within the next two days.

A member of the Parliamentary Legal Committee, Deputy Rashid Al-Azzawi told Al-Akhbaria that the political blocs have not yet found satisfactory solutions to pass the House of Representatives election law, but they can be reached within the next two days. Noting: The differences on the law are technical and not on the basis of the law.

He added: The most prominent differences are about multiple constituencies and one constituency, as well as about individual nominations and lists. Noting: Some blocs see the need for elections to be in accordance with multiple constituencies and with an individual nomination.

Al-Azzawi continued: “But there are those who oppose this opinion for several reasons, including the failure to demarcate the administrative boundaries of some of the districts, as well as the overlap of administrations between the districts in the provinces, as well as it needs a long time to hold early elections because it requires the Commission to update the voter records according to the system of multiple constituencies And this makes it difficult to hold early elections, especially since the new commission does not have enough experience, so it also needs time because all managers will be dismissed at the level of divisions, people, and even generals, and others from outside the commission will be appointed.

A member of the committee explained: “As for the opinion that goes toward the single electoral district and the nomination of lists, he believes that this system will facilitate the process of holding early elections and a short period because it will keep the voter records themselves, and there will be no updates.” Noting that the parliamentary legal committee hosted experts from the nations United States and other specialized experts in the elections, as well as officials in the Ministry of Planning who specialize in the administrative boundaries of the district and the population registry, as well as some officials of the High Electoral Commission, for the purpose of arriving at a final version of the law.




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