Parliamentary Finance: We await the arrival of the 2020 budget in Parliament this week, at a deficit rate of 48 trillion


Baghdad – news

The Parliamentary Finance Committee revealed today, Sunday, the solutions circulating in Parliament to solve the problem of the failure of the  Federal Budget Budget Bill 2020 to reach the House of Representatives so far.

The committee’s rapporteur, Ahmad Al-Saffar, told Al-Ikhbaria that “we are still waiting for the budget bill to reach parliament this week, and there are discussions to search for a legal way out, including addressing the president of the republic to send it quickly.”

He added: ” The outgoing prime minister, Adel Abdul – Mahdi, said that the caretaker government can not send the budget to the parliament , ” he said, adding that ”  in the absence of the arrival of the draft budget to parliament , we will have to return to the Law of Financial Management No. 6 of 2019, which requires Disbursement at 1/12 of the 2019 budget, and this will only include operating budget expenditures, i.e. employee salaries, not others. ”

Al-Saffar said, “The Budget Committee in the Ministry of Finance provided us with information that the budget of 2020 is estimated at 162 trillion dinars, and the rate of public revenues in it is about 114 trillion dinars, and the deficit rate is 48 trillion dinars.”


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