Al-Rafidain explains the types of loans granted to the citizen and employee


Economy News _ Baghdad

Al-Rafidain Bank announced on Friday the types of loans and advances granted to employees and citizens, ranging from personal advances to the purchase or restoration of investment housing units and the addition of building on them.

The media office of the bank said in a statement, “Economy News” received a copy of it, that “the services provided by the bank to citizens and employees included investment housing loans in the amount of 100 million dinars for employees and 50 million dinars for citizens on the guarantee of a guarantor guarantor. In addition to building loans to citizens amounting to 50 million dinars after submitting a real estate deed for residential land, provided that the area is 200 meters or a building permit is approved in the name of the loan applicant exclusively for a period of ten years.

The bank also added, “Also, the salaries of employees of the endemic state departments paid their salaries exclusively to the bank, the highest 25 million dinars, and the provision of loans electronically to them from the bank’s branches for the purpose of restoring and rehabilitating residential homes or adding construction of 30 million dinars to citizens and 50 million dinars for employees in exchange for a mortgage to be rehabilitated, And loans with the protection of residential and without a guarantor.


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