Liberation demonstrators: We remain peaceful and condemn what happened in Al Wathba Square today

Baghdad / news

On Thursday, protestors of Tahrir Square issued a statement launching the incident of the corpse’s body hanging on the columns of a traffic sign in Al-Wathba Square, central Baghdad.

The statement, which Al-Akhbariya received a copy of, stated, “We went out peacefully for the sake of reform, bloodshed and putting criminals in the hands of the judiciary, we went out to restore the prestige of law and state sovereignty, we went out in order to live in peace and peace. We are still, and will remain our permanent motto. ”

He continued, “On the basis of this lofty principle, what happened today in Al Wathba Square is a crime condemned by demonstrators, condemned by humanity and religions and punishable by law.”

He explained, “Let the whole world know what happened, according to the testimonies of civilians and the security forces, one of the residents of Al-Wathba Square area, under the influence of drugs, fired on peaceful demonstrators, which led to the martyrdom of a number of them, without any interference from the security forces, This pushed some of the people involved in the intruders, “and in a malicious scheme to discredit the peaceful demonstrators,” to attack the home of the shooter, and the scene evolved according to what the criminals planned to reach.

And the statement continued, “Peaceful demonstrators in Baghdad, peace and love, while demanding the relevant institutions from the security forces and the judiciary to hold the thieves and criminals accountable, are demanding at the same time to reveal the true perpetrators involved in this incident who is behind them, as we will not allow the tarnishing of the image of our white revolution, as we declare our innocence. The peaceful people from what happened today in the morning of Al Wathba Square, and we also declare our innocence of any behavior outside the scope of the peace that we started and we will maintain until the last of our true demands. ”

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