Liberation Square demonstrators call for the refusal of party candidates and not to enter the green

Editing Date: 9/19/2019 19:22

(Baghdad: Al Furat News) In a joint statement, Tahrir Square protesters rejected political party candidates for prime minister and refused to enter the Green Zone.

The statement said: “The blood of the pure martyrs that were shed in the massacre of Al-Khilani and Al-Sanak Square in Baghdad, Al-Ezz and Al-Majd, and before it in Al-Nasiriyah Al-Abiya, Al-Najaf Al-Ashraf and Karbala Al-Hussein, and the rest of our rebellious, patient, provinces, obligate us to fulfill them, to continue their path, and to pledge to adopt the demands that were set for them. We said it previously and we say today that there is no return to normal life except for the return of the homeland that the martyrs wanted.

He added, “The Iraqi people, with the blood of their noble sons, have accomplished their first steps towards achieving the goals of the Great Tishreen Revolution, and forced the thugs of the age to resign, after hundreds of martyrs and thousands of wounded and others like the detainees and the missing, and to complete the eternal march of freedom that the Iraqi people began, we are reminding the ruling political class Corrupt, that any personality provided by the corrupt class to assume the prime minister does not meet the conditions and specifications written by the spare sons of Iraq in the travel of revolutionary arenas which have become known to the far, small, large and responsible and the citizen will be rejected by the Mentvdan, even though your insistence on the pulse of the street through the payment figures linked to one way or another Bohzabkm blood and your system, it became a game open even the smallest cub cubs of this revolution. ”

And after all the methods of violence and criminality of the revolutionary people have failed to end their revolution, it became clear that the tyrants of Iraq are seizing opportunities and plotting plots to justify the suppression of the uprising and finishing it by pushing towards diverting the path of peace to violence and collision, and to avoid giving them the opportunity and excuse to kill and criminal We call on our youth in all governorates to exercise caution and attention to suspicious calls and rumors, to remain in their own demonstration arenas each in his province, and not to be drawn into the scheme of violence, especially what is promoted by him entering the area of dust {green} tomorrow, as these are the squares of Baghdad and its revolutionaries Open your hearts and Tandhankm with all my generosity, love and fraternity and peace. ”

The statement warned, “The political blocs and their militias are methods of defrauding and deceiving political parties and circumvent the demands and goals of the revolution, and the more you lit a fire for treachery and oppression, God extinguished it with the determination, struggle, sacrifices and wisdom of the heroes of the field.

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