Joint operations announces the summary of the operations of the seventh will of victory

Editing Date: 12/9/2019 18:56

(Baghdad: Al Furat News) The Joint Operations Command announced the summary of the Victory Will operations in the seventh stage from 7 to 9 December.

A statement from the Security Media Cell stated, “The Euphrates News Agency received a copy of it.” As well as the honorable sons of the Iraqi people undertook the vigor and determination of our armed forces, here they are the heroes. They are completing the seventh stage of Operation Victory Day, which started on the seventh of December and under the guidance of the Commander in Chief of the forces The armed forces and the supervision of the joint operations command, according to accurate intelligence information and with the support of the air force aviation, army aviation and international coalition aircraft, the following sectors have participated in this stage:

A- Salahuddin Operations Command

1 – Joint Sections

I. The Swat Regiment, Salahuddin Police Directorate

Second. Regiment For tactical Salah al – Din Police Directorate

III. Major crowd 88 Popular

Fourth. Brigade 21 crowd Popular

2. These were important pieces of inspection and clearing areas and valleys in the mountains of Hamrin and smooth Ajil fields and Alas

3- The total area inspected within this plot amounted to (350) square kilometers

b – Samarra Operations Command

1 – Joint Sections

First. Fourth division of the Federal Police

II. Command Command Brigade


‌ Inspected areas and valleys Hawi Al-Buhmoudi-Shari Lake-Hadidiya and Hammash

3- The total area inspected within this plot (100) sq km

c- Diyala Operations Command

1- Joint Sections

First. Fifth

Year Two. Diyala Police Directorate

III. Popular crowd

IV. The 1st Battalion, Commandos Brigade, Diyala Operations Command and the Tribal Mobilization,

2- The areas that were searched

Where were 17 villages and regions which are (Aisha Camp – Sanidij Village – Al Qoshjia Village – Awsajah Village – Tiawi Crossing – Miyah Crossing – Albu Khayal Village – Albu Awad Village – Krish Village – Albu Bakr Village – Maalabo Talha Crossing – Azim District – Khudair Kao Village – Albu Ubada Village Sabah Al-Azzawi Village – Hasan Al-Dhaen Village – Umm Al-Hawali Village)

3- The total area inspected is (945) sq km.

D- The Headquarters Joint Operations Command / Kirkuk

1- Joint Sections

First. Automated division in the Federal Police

secondly. Fifth Division of the Federal Police

III. Sixth Commando Squad,

fourth federal police . The third division of the Federal Police

V. Brigade 56 (popular crowd)

2- Inspected areas

(Yabid Hamid Village – Al-Machtoul Road – Saleh Al-Ali Village – Al-Sharifiya Al-Khabbaza-Lower Post-Al-Aashah – Road to the Turkish Company – Wadi Sahl)

3- The area inspected reached (1957) sq km

-The total area inspected in the seventh stage It is (3257) square km. And

– the results of the seventh stage of Operation Victory Will were the following: –

1- Destruction of 18 tunnels

2- Destruction of 20 terrorist cells

3- Finding 164 explosive devices

4- Finding a motorcycle

5- Finding 4 bags containing urea

6. found 76 mortar

7. destroy 4 positions for monitoring

8. arrest 21 wanted

9- 54 bombing of an explosive device

10 – found two suicide vest N.anthy

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