Integrity announces the outcome of arrest warrants against officials, including 9 ministers and 12 deputies

Baghdad / Obelisk: The Integrity Commission disclosed, on Monday, its entire procedures in arrest and recruitment orders issued during the month of last November against ministers and those of their rank and with special degrees, indicating that orders were issued against “226” accused of them.

A statement issued by the organization said to the obelisk, that the investigations department in the organization referred to issuing orders to bring in “9” ministers and their ranks, including current and five former ministers, in addition to two previous ministers, explaining that the orders also included “12” members of the House of Representatives, including (10) are members of the current session, as well as a current deputy minister, (3) former agents, and (2) two previous ones.

She drew attention to the issuance of arrest and recruitment orders against an existing governor and “11” former governors, “118” are currently a member of the Governorate Council, “26” are former members and “11” are former members, explaining the inclusion of “32” general directors of these orders, including them. ” 19 “Currently Director General in the Ministries of Oil, Electricity, Education, Health, and Industry and the Sunni Endowment Bureau,” 11 “Former Director in the Council of Ministers, the Baghdad Municipality, the Ministries of Higher Education, Scientific Research, Health, Municipalities, Public Works, Transport, and Industry, in addition to two former general managers in the Ministries of Health and Transport.

The department confirmed that the total number of arrest and recruitment orders issued against the defendants amounted to “256” orders, including “221” recruitment orders and “35” arrest warrants, indicating that “51” orders were executed, while “68” defendants were referred to another investigation court and the trial court or To other investigative agencies.

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