Urgent Parliament calls for an emergency session on Monday in the presence of security leaders to discuss targeting protesters

Editing Date: 12/7/2019 15:35

(Baghdad: Al Furat News): Hassan Al-Kaabi, the first deputy speaker of parliament, called for an emergency session next Monday at 1:00 p.m. in the presence of the high security leaders, especially the Baghdad Operations Command, to “discuss targeting peaceful protesters from unknown armed forces in the Al-Sinak area, central Baghdad, which killed a number of The martyrs and the wounded. ”

Al-Kaabi added, according to his media office statement, which the {Al Furat News] received a copy of, that “security leaders should shoulder their responsibilities in preserving the security of peaceful demonstrations demanding reform and change and fighting corruption, noting that security measures must be tightened to save the lives of protestors protesting in Baghdad and the provinces.”

He stressed that “all parties and personalities that appear to be involved in the killing of demonstrators in Baghdad and the provinces will be held accountable, as well as air targeting of the Hanana region in Najaf.” is over


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