Urgent transcript of Supreme Sermon Friday

Date of edit:: 2019/12/6 12:33

BAGHDAD (Al-Furat News) – The supreme religious authority stressed today the choice of the new prime minister and its members within the constitutional period away from any external interference.

The representative of the supreme religious authority in Karbala, Sheikh Abd al-Mahdi al-Karbalai, read during the Friday sermon today the text of the statement of the office of the supreme authority, Grand Ayatollah Imam al-Sayyid Ali al-Sistani: To pressure those who have the authority to make room for real reforms in the administration of the country, but the main condition for this is that it is not drawn into acts of violence, chaos, and sabotage, in addition to not justifying these actions legally and legally, it will have adverse repercussions on the reform movement and lead to the decline of Security with them little by little, in spite of all the precious blood that was shed in order to achieve their legitimate, we must pay attention to this and beware of granting an excuse for those who do not want reform to be achieved Amanawa from this side. ”

He added, “Maintaining the peaceful demonstrations and avoiding acts of violence and sabotage is extremely important, and it is a solidarity responsibility of all. It is also the responsibility of the security forces to protect peaceful demonstrators and allow them to express their demands freely, it also falls on the demonstrators themselves not to They allow saboteurs to seize this address, interfere with their ranks, and assault the security forces or on public or private property and cause harm to the interests of citizens. ”

“Supporting and respecting the security forces, enhancing their morale, and encouraging them to play their role in preserving security and stability in the required manner is everyone’s duty, because these people are indispensable in avoiding chaos and disturbing public order, and everyone has noticed what happened in some areas when the security forces could not do In what is expected of them in this regard, until the esteemed tribesmen endowed themselves, and they played a prominent role in protecting civil peace and preventing chaos and devastation, so they have all thanks and appreciation for that, but work should be done to return matters to their natural context in all regions from the official security forces taking responsibility Maintaining security and stability and protecting government installations and citizens’ property from attacks by saboteurs, while committing to act with full professionalism in dealing with all protest actions so as not to repeat the tragedies of the past weeks. ”

“We condemn once again all the shedding of innocent blood and damage to private property and public institutions during the previous days. We call on all those affected to take legal means to claim their rights, and call on the judicial authorities to hold accountable and punish anyone who committed a criminal act – from any party.” It was – as determined by law. ”

“We repeat here the warning from those who lie in wait for the country and seek to exploit the protests demanding reform to achieve certain goals that harm the higher interests of the Iraqi people and are not consistent with its inherent values.”

He added, “We also reiterate what has been stressed by the religious authority that it is for all Iraqis without any difference between their affiliations and orientations, and works to secure public interests as much as possible, and should not be used by any of the groups participating in demonstrations calling for reform so as not to be counted on Plural without plural. ”

He concluded the statement of the supreme authority by saying, “We hope that the head of the new government and its members will be chosen within the constitutional period and according to the aspirations of citizens away from any external interference, bearing in mind that the religious authority is not a party to any talk in this regard and has no role in it in any way.”


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