Saleh calls for the involvement of the masses in the selection of a new prime minister for Iraq


Bloc Sauron

President of the Republic

denied the nomination

the largest bloc

2019/12/03 05:40:33

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A delegation from the “Sairoun” alliance, backed by Sadr’s leader Muqtada al-Sadr, met on Tuesday with President Barham Salih.

“The delegation handed over an official letter from the parliamentary bloc” Siron “declaring its waiver of its electoral entitlement as the largest bloc, stressing that the people are the largest bloc and that the options for peaceful demonstrations are ours,” a coalition statement said.

“The president stressed the need to involve the public in the process of selecting the next prime minister.

 The delegation included “Saraon” MP Sadiq al-Sulaiti, deputy head of the bloc and MP Hamdallah al-Rikabi bloc spokesman.


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