Expert expects Security Council to refer corruption file to the International Criminal Court

03-12-2019 09:46 PM


Legal expert Ali al-Tamimi, on Tuesday, expected the Security Council to send the file of corruption to the International Criminal Court, warning of the return of international sanctions on Iraq.

Al-Tamimi said in a statement to Al-Akhbariya that “the beginning of the new sanctions on Iraq after we came out of Chapter VII under resolution 2390 of 2019 and we are now in the sixth chapter for the existence of financial assets with Kuwait worth 4 and a half billion dollars.”

He added that “the killing of demonstrators and the use of internationally prohibited weapons are gross violations of articles 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and 21 of the Charter of the International Covenant and article 14 on the prevention of arrests as well as the Convention on the Prevention of Genocide of 1948. Humanity, therefore. ”

“The fear is that the gradual sanctions will return in accordance with Articles 39 to 51 of the Charter and that the Security Council will refer the corruption file to the International Criminal Court after condemning the US, Britain and France, which is a permanent member of the Security Council, condemning the security situation in Iraq.”


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