In the presence of Amiri .. The meeting of the Presidency of the parliament and legal reach an unspoken agreement

Policy of

the Iraqi Parliament

Legal Committee

2019/12/02 06:39:34

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The Presidency of the Council of Representatives, held on Monday 2- 12-2019, chaired by Mohammed Halbousi and the presence of Hassan Karim Kaabi and Bashir Haddad, Vice-Presidents of the joint meeting of the heads of parliamentary blocs and the parliamentary legal committee, to discuss the items of the draft law on the election of the Iraqi Council of Representatives.

Al-Kaabi called the heads of parliamentary blocs to the importance of legislation sober election law restores the confidence of the Iraqi street in the electoral process and the political process, and the involvement of young people near the pulse of the street today, calling at the same time to allocate a single quota to represent the segment of people with disabilities.

During the meeting, which was attended by the representative of the United Nations Office in Iraq, discussed several important items, and it was decided to refer these items to the discussion in a joint meeting between the Legal Committee and UN experts and experts of the Electoral Commission for a statement of technical opinion and adoption in the vote.


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