Video .. Abdul Mahdi: resignation is required to calm .. Reveals the content of the request to resign

Release date:: 2019/11/30 18:35 
(Baghdad: Euphrates News) The Prime Minister, Adel Abdul Mahdi, in an extraordinary meeting held, on Saturday, in the presence of ministers, that the resignation is required for calm.
“The government will become a caretaker government after the parliament votes to resign,” he said.
He added, “I ask the parliament to choose the alternative quickly and we are continuing the peaceful transfer of power,” announcing “the content of the resignation request to be submitted to the presidency of the House of Representatives,” noting that “the resignation letter is in response to the speech of the Supreme Religious authority and given the difficult circumstances experienced by the country.”
Abdul-Mahdi said that “the political contexts followed require the government to allow others to address the crisis.”
“The popular demands were mixed and the demonstrations were able to put pressure on the government to achieve them,” he said.
“The government was founded in a severe crisis amid political intersections and economic conditions,” he said.
“The budget to be presented to the House of Representatives will witness significant progress in the program and performance,” Abdul Mahdi said.



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