Sadr announces banning all parties from forming the next government and Abadi launches an initiative


 2019/11/30 11:11:50
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Twilight News / announced close to the current leader of the Sadrist Moqtada al – Sadr on Saturday that the latter will prevent political parties and currents , including all of his movement to form the next government after the resignation of the current headed by Adel Abdul Mahdi.

Saleh Mohammed al-Iraqi gave details of a meeting he had with Sadr and published what took place between them on social networking sites “Facebook”, and tell the latter “I did not and will not allow the return of corrupt in another dress and other names and we will prevent all parties and currents as prevented (Sadrists) from interfering in the formation of the government Commission and its law. “

The Iraqi quoted Sadr as saying, “We will pressure them and their peaceful to the judiciary to hold the corrupt and robbery, although they claim to belong to us as well as those who are outside us.”

Simultaneously, Sadr’s position launched a victory coalition leader Haider al-Abadi initiative on the current situation in Iraq.

Abadi said in a statement today that “ the continuation of our previous initiatives, especially the comprehensive initiative on 17/11/2019, and to ensure a smooth transition of power, and the proper establishment of the interim phase and the resulting structures of the permanent phase, ”


A) From 1/12/2010 to 15/12/2019, and pursuant to Article 61 of the Constitution, and at the request of the President of the Republic, the House of Representatives shall withdraw confidence from the current government. A new government is formed with limited ministries and independent personalities, and an independent person is assigned to head it and none of its members is nominated for the upcoming elections.

(B) The Prime Minister shall be obliged to select a civilian activist as a supporter to ensure that the demonstrators are represented and to attend the people’s demands to administer the interim phase.

Second: The new government is six months old, starting from 15/12/2019 and ending on 30/6/2020. What comes:

A) Fair amendments to the electoral law to ensure the breaking of the political monopoly and ensure the rise of new and young forces and elites.

B) Formation of an electoral commission completely independent of political parties and blocs.

C) Establishing election controls and mechanisms that guarantee the integrity and free will of voters.

D) General elections shall be held. All stages of the elections shall be conducted under international supervision through the United Nations.


The term of the three powers of the “interim” period expires on 30/6/2020. The newly elected Council of Representatives shall commence its work on 1/7/2020 and proceed with the procedures of forming the authorities in accordance with the Constitution.

B) The new government formed during the first six months of its life, in cooperation with the main authorities in the country and under a time limit not exceeding the year 2020 AD to establish binding paths for constitutional amendments and submitted to the referendum before the end of 2020. The political system and its institutions are adapted on the basis of the results of the popularly approved referendum.

Fourth: The new elected government shall, within the first six months of its life, commit to setting decisive timetables for arms control by the state, to end any military or paramilitary presence outside the framework of state institutions, and to end the files of detainees, missing and absentees in all governorates of Iraq.

Fifth: The elected government is committed, within the first six months of its formation, to reforming the judiciary and resolving the main corruption files with the assistance of the UN mission and by using international expertise. The public shall be kept informed of the results first.

Sixth: All parties and elites participating and winning elections shall be legally bound by the constitution, law and national sovereignty to exercise them, undertake to reject, combat and criminalize terrorism, violence, takfir, sectarianism, corruption and organized crime, and to prevent any weapon or military presence outside the rule of law, and to confine the powers to extend security and protect citizens by state authorities. Commitment to civil and political rights and duties and the values ​​of peaceful coexistence and the right to peaceful expression; to promote and support legal, institutional and social security to protect the country and its people; and to reject violence and resort to arms in solving societal and political problems. Yeh.

Seventh: All parties and elites participating and winning elections shall be committed (to official commitments) to liberate the State and its institutions from the quota system and adopt the criteria of competence, professionalism, integrity, career progression, specialization and equal opportunities in the selection of candidates for positions, activating the law of the Federal Service Council, and the obligation of accountability and accountability and professional and legal evaluation of the performance of officials away from What kind of political protection. An equitable salary scale and a social justice investigator are adopted for all officials.

Eighth: Gives confidence to the elected government on the basis of the political majority away from the sectarian component of the political system, and offers a program subject to periodic accountability, and the government is committed to develop comprehensive plans to modernize administrative and financial systems, and move towards automation, transition to e-government, and the adoption of international standards to evaluate the performance of institutions , The completion of the advancement of the integrated market economy, the establishment of the Al Ajyal Fund, the sovereign fund, the National Development Plan, the Iraq Vision 2030, the Poverty Reduction Strategy, the fight against unemployment, the activation of social security networks, Expedite agricultural, industrial, commercial and banking, including the promotion of the advancement of the economic sectors of services, energy, transportation, information technology and communications, and the development of centers of administrative and professional skills of state institutions and beyond. The elected government is committed, through comprehensive programs, to empowering youth and women in the political, economic, educational and development sectors, ensuring the rights of women and the rights of children, juveniles and the elderly and legislative protection for them, and emphasizing the implementation of the objectives of the law on the care of people with special needs. Educational curricula in accordance with the educational development and to ensure the consolidation of the culture of coexistence and civic values ​​and national identity, and pay attention to culture, media, arts, sports and civil work The state and its society and facilities.

Ninth: The elected government and all the authorities of the country are obliged to provide legislative and societal protection to all Iraqi minorities of their religious, national and sectarian diversity, not to practice exclusion, marginalization or aggression against them, and to ensure their compensation and return to their areas of residence, and respect their privacy.

Tenth: The elected government and all other authorities of the country shall abide by the requirements of Iraqi sovereignty, ensure the liberation of the Iraqi decision from any foreign domination or guardianship, and investigate cooperation and integration with the world on the basis of common interests in accordance with Iraqi interests and sovereignty.

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