Delegation of the Kurdistan Region: our dialogues with state institutions and not people and we will visit Baghdad tomorrow


visit Baghdad

delegation of the region


2019/11/30 07:26:54

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The resignation of Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi from his post will not affect the course of the ongoing negotiations on the draft budget law, confirming a visit to the capital Baghdad on Sunday.

“The prime minister has submitted his resignation and we should not anticipate the events and wait for what happened,” regional minister Khalid Shwani said in a press statement.  

He added that “we will visit Baghdad tomorrow and we will meet with the Iraqi parties in order to reach a final agreement on the budget law and go to submit its draft law to the House of Representatives for approval.”

Asked if Abdul Mahdi’s resignation would affect the progress of the negotiations, Shwani said that “our negotiations and our agreement with the state institutions, not the people, will go tomorrow to Baghdad in order to reach a final agreement on the budget.”

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