The Central Bank agrees to open a branch in Sulaymaniyah

Economy of

the Central Bank of


Kurdistan Regional Government

Finance Parliament

2019/11/26 11:57:33

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Twilight News / The Central Bank of Iraq, on Tuesday, the opening of the branch of Sulaimaniya of the bank pending an official request to the Kurdistan Regional Government, while a number of Kurdish deputies asked the government of the region in this regard.

A statement by the deputies Ahmed Haji Rashid, Shiroan Mirza and Hoshyar Abdullah, Kurdish members of the Finance Committee in the Iraqi Council of Representatives, where they pointed out that the committee hosted on Tuesday the Governor of the Central Bank of the relationship, and held talks with him on a number of problems and obstacles in Iraqi monetary policy.

The statement pointed out that the meeting witnessed Kurdish MPs to the possibility of opening a branch of the Central Bank of Iraq in the city of Sulaimaniya, outside the framework of the main topic of the meeting, calling for clarifications on this file and where it arrived.

The three deputies also pointed out that the relationship confirmed that if they received an official request from the provincial government in this regard, the bank will open a branch in Sulaymaniyah and agree to open the branch.

The three deputies demanded the Kurdistan Regional Government to accelerate the submission of an official request in this regard to the Central Bank of Iraq.

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