UN Mission: New Election Bill Needs Improvements

Release date:: 2019-11-20 19:22

The United Nations Mission in Iraq (UNAMI), said that the draft law on the election of the new House of Representatives needs “improvements.”

At its meeting yesterday, the parliament completed the first reading of the draft law.

“Electoral reform has become a key demand of many peaceful demonstrators, and in recent weeks, the Iraqi authorities have sought legislative solutions to meet the people’s calls for credible, free and fair elections,” said a UNAMI statement received by Euphrates News.

“This process is Iraqi-owned and Iraqi-led, as it should be. The UN election experts have provided additional technical support, including through the sharing of international best practices.”

The statement pointed out that “the draft electoral legislation – currently under review by the House of Representatives – to make improvements to meet the demands of the people.”

“It is the prerogative of the House of Representatives to consider this legislation as it deems appropriate,” said the UN Special Representative for Iraq, Jenin Hennes-Blachart. “However, I would like to urge parliamentarians to act on their legitimate voters’ demands for credible, free and fair elections. .

“I sincerely hope that their choices will reflect the people’s desire to adopt a new and different way of practicing politics and to restore the hope of many Iraqis for a brighter tomorrow,” she said, adding that “the United Nations stands ready to assist in the preparation of electoral legislation that meets the aspirations of the entire Iraqi people.”


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