Planning: We will resume work on all projects stalled and lagging across the provinces

Reconstruction and building

Economy News _ Baghdad

The Ministry of Planning, on Monday, its keenness to resume all projects stalled and lagging throughout the provinces.
“The Planning Minister Nuri Sabah al-Dulaimi received this morning the governor of Muthanna, Ahmed exiled,” the ministry’s media office said in a statement received by Al-Iqtisadiah.
“The Minister of Planning discussed during the reception of the governor of Muthanna, the reality of the service province and ways of investing allocations in vital projects and providing jobs through them to young people,” the office added.
Al-Dulaimi said, “The ministry seeks to unify local and international efforts to achieve services in accordance with the priorities of the citizen and his daily need,” pointing to “the ministry’s keenness to resume all stalled and lagging projects in all provinces.”
The minister called on local governments to “make the best use of the cabinet’s decision to grant governors the power to issue direct invitations to companies executing investment projects,” stressing the “importance of choosing specialized companies with high efficiency.”

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