Reveal the date of the presentation of the new election law in parliament and confirm its amendment

Release date:: 2019-11-17 21:57

(Baghdad: Euphrates News) revealed the parliamentary legal committee, on Sunday, the date of presentation of the new election law in parliament, while confirmed its intention to amend some of its paragraphs.

“The new election law arrived today formally to the commission and we briefed it quickly,” said Mohammed al-Ghazi, deputy chairman of the commission. “The committee held a session to discuss the bill on Monday and then send it to the House of Representatives to present it on its agenda.” Next Tuesday. ”

The MP from the Saron coalition “As for the position of others on the law and its objection was only on the paragraph of the electoral system, because we hoped that the Council of Ministers take into account the demands of the demonstrators and make the system individually where the winners get the highest votes; therefore we demanded that the electoral systems are individual away from lists The parties. ”

“Whether the version that came from my presidency or the ministers will be amended in any case within the House of Representatives, and the final version of the election law will be in the hands of parliament,” Ghazzi said. There are more than 30 legal experts who oversaw the drafting.

Regarding the postponement of the local elections, Al-Ghazzi explained, “We have reached the parliamentary elections law and we have not reached the moment the local elections law.” He pointed out that “the provincial elections were postponed by a decision of the prime minister and will be presented to parliament for approval.” Towards the abolition of the provincial councils.

Regarding the suspension of the membership of other deputies to parliamentary sessions, al-Ghazzi said, “The membership of other deputies is suspended by attending the sessions in case there are laws that affect the demands of the demonstrators.

“We have not waived the process of questioning Prime Minister Adel Abdel Mahdi and there are legal procedures to follow,” he said. Dedicated to the interest of the state and not to the Sadrists. ”

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