Abdul Mahdi’s office: 2020 budget will be sent to parliament within a week

By Ali 18/11/2019 01:59 AM


Ahd News – Baghdad

The economic adviser to Prime Minister Abdul Hussein al-Hanin, on Sunday, to send the budget 2020 to the House of Representatives within a week, indicating that the discussions are still under way and amendments by the Committee of Experts.

Al-Hunain said in a press statement seen by “Al-Ahd News”, “The Committee of Experts is in permanent session to complete amendments to the draft budget law 2020 for the purpose of completing it as soon as possible and sent to the House of Representatives.”

He added that “it is hoped to send the draft budget law to the House of Representatives within a week to 10 days for the purpose of reading and voting on it.”

He explained that “accomplishing it as quickly as possible the goal of voting before entering the year 2020 to be launched at the beginning of the new year to avoid the mistakes of previous years.”

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