The protesters of Tahrir Square via a new statement: power has moved from intimidation to bloodshed

Saturday 16 November 2019 11:22 AM

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Baghdad / … Protesters of Tahrir Square on Saturday issued a statement No. 3, calling on Iraqis to come to Tahrir Square in order to stand (a minute of silence) to mourn the martyrs’ lives.

The statement received by “Eye of Iraq News,” that “your celebrations of the victory of the national team, and the millions of crowds that plunged Tahrir Square and the rest of the demonstration squares, on Thursday and Friday, has angered the authority and with it, so they moved from the stage of intimidating people with sound explosions, to shed Blood in the yards of peaceful sit-in. ”

The statement added that “it became clear, after each sermon of the supreme religious authority, the increasing repression of demonstrators with live bullets and various bombs, while the reference on Friday called for non-aggression on protesters, and that the battle of reform waged by the people is a” national battle “, stressing the sanctity The protesters responded by firing live ammunition in al-Khalani Square, killing four protesters and injuring dozens, before the Tahrir Square and its surroundings were hit by improvised explosive devices and sound bombs, one of which resulted in the death and injury of about 28 demonstrators, in addition to the losses. The material. ”

He pointed out that “the lax security in the vicinity of Tahrir Square and the entrances leading to it, indicates the unwillingness of the government to secure the demonstrations, which is the primary duty of the security forces, and daily explosions is only proof of this, so we will seek as protesters to secure the yards and entrances of the demonstrators, hoping our loved ones demonstrators Cooperate with regulatory committees, to keep them safe. ”

The statement called “Iraqi women and Iraqis to come to the yards of sit-in, and stand (a minute of silence) in mourning the souls of the martyrs of Friday steadfastness, at 7 pm on Saturday, November 16, and lighting candles in honor of their sacrifices, and pledge them, that there is no return to normal life except the return of the country they wanted “.

 Protesters continued to flock to Tahrir Square in central Baghdad on Saturday, despite being targeted by an explosive device on Friday evening as the sit-in continues in the square for the twenty-second day in a row to demand the dismissal of the government. The election.

Since Friday, October 25, Baghdad and nine other provinces have witnessed large-scale protests demanding the dismissal of the government and bringing the killers of the demonstrators to justice and work for early elections under international supervision. Protesters suffered.

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