Urgent The text of the speech of the supreme authority today and gives a strong warning to political forces

Release date:: 2019/11/15 12:27

(Baghdad: Al-Furat News) Our agency publishes the text of the second sermon delivered by the representative of the highest religious authority in Karbala, Mr. Ahmed Al-Safi on Friday.

According to the sermon text:

once again shows supreme religious reference position of the current pro – reform protests in within several points:

(first): To support the protests and emphasize the commitment Bslmatha and free of any form of violence, and to condemn the assault on peaceful death or injury or kidnapping demonstrators Intimidation or otherwise, and also condemn attacks on security forces, government installations and private property. Anyone involved in any of these acts – which are forbidden by law and in violation of the law – must be prosecuted and held accountable in accordance with judicial procedures.

The second is that the government derives its legitimacy – in non-authoritarian regimes and the like – from the people. A fair electoral law restores citizens’ confidence in the electoral process and does not prejudice political parties and currents, and gives a real opportunity to change the forces that have ruled the country over the past years if the people want to change them and replace them with new faces. Passing a law that does not give such an opportunity to voters would be unacceptable and useless. A new law must also be passed for the commission, which is entrusted with overseeing the conduct of elections, so as to document its impartiality, professionalism, credibility and popular acceptance. 

(Third): Although not long after the beginning of the popular protests calling for reform, and the blood of the hundreds of martyrs and thousands of wounded and injured in this honorable way, the demands of the protesters have not been achieved to date. Especially in the field of prosecution of the corrupt senior and the recovery of looted money from them and the abolition of unfair privileges granted to certain groups at the expense of the rest of the people and away from quotas and favoritism in taking special grades and so on, which raises doubts about the ability or seriousness of the ruling political forces in the implementation of the demands of the demonstrators Renn, even to a minimum, is not in the interest of building confidence by achieving some real reform on their hands.

Fourth: The citizens did not go out to the demonstrations calling for reform in this unprecedented form and did not continue to do so throughout this period with all the heavy price and sacrifices it required, except because they found no other way to get rid of the worsening corruption day after day, and the rampant destruction on all With the agreement of the ruling powers – from different components – to make the homelands share between each other and tolerate some of the corruption of others, until it reached unbearable limits, and it became impossible for a large proportion of citizens to obtain the minimum necessities of decent living despite adequate financial resources For the country .

If those in power believe that they can evade the benefits of real reform by procrastination and procrastination, they are illusory. After these protests will not be the same as before, let them be aware.

(V): The battle of reform waged by the Iraqi people is a national battle alone, and Iraqis bear the heavy burden, and may not be allowed to intervene in any external party in any direction, although the corresponding external interventions portend great risks, turning the country into An arena for conflict and settling scores between international and regional powers in which the biggest loser is the people. is over



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