Urgent Blaskhart: Time for the Iraqi authorities to implement what the demonstrators demand and stop the violence immediately

Release date:: 11/11/2019 12:57

The Special Representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations Jenin Hennes-Blachart that “it is time for the Iraqi authorities to implement what the demonstrators demand,” while calling for “an immediate end to violence.”

She said in a press conference, attended by the correspondent (Euphrates News) that “it is a great honor to be here to visit His Excellency the conditions and circumstances going through Iraq is the reason for this visit and during the meeting with His Eminence, the reference stressed the need not to use violence against demonstrators for any reason, “We have also stressed in the past and once again that all those responsible for this violence should be held immediately accountable.”

“We demand once again that those responsible for this violence be held accountable and that arrests and abductions be stopped immediately, and that real reforms be carried out within a reasonable time.”

She stressed “the need for a unified law,” stressing that “the Marja expresses concern about the seriousness of the political forces to carry out these reforms.”

She called on the demonstrators to “not return to their homes without fulfilling their legitimate demands (reforms).”

She pointed out that “the United Nations is following what happened in the past weeks” / pointing to “anger and indignation in the street because of the failure to provide services for 16 years, where people have high hopes to meet the demands.”

“The United Nations is conducting credible reports to stop this violence,” he said, calling on other parties to “intervene”, stressing that “Iraq is always sovereign and we provide advice by monitoring events, and we are seeking Iraq’s progress.”

“The time has come for the Iraqi authorities to do what the demonstrators demand,” he said. “This country cannot be an arena for conflict between countries.”


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