The Iraqi presidency completes the new election law

11.11.2019 | 12:06 GMT

Iraq protests


The site of “Alsumaria”, on Monday, an informed source, the most prominent points contained in the draft new election law, which completed the presidency of the Republic of Iraq today drafting items.

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The United Nations put forward a plan to overcome the crisis in Iraq and Washington calls for early elections

Highlights include:

– The formation of an independent commission of specialized sectoral bodies away from party quotas.

– Minimize the electoral district to the judiciary after the province was one constituency.

– Adopting the system of the highest winner of the candidates and the abolition of the existing laws and proportional representation.

– Decrease the number of the House of Representatives to 213 and cancel the current number 329.

– Giving young people the opportunity to stand for election by reducing the age of nomination to 25 years.

The website pointed out that the electoral law proposed by the presidency will be sent to the government in preparation for the unification of visions and submitted to the House of Representatives.

MP Faleh al-Sari was elected chairman of the constitutional amendments committee, a parliamentary source said.

Qusay al-Shabaki, a member of the parliamentary constitutional amendments committee, stressed on Sunday the importance of keeping the committee’s work away from “political and partisan pressures, interventions and influences.”


Source: Alsumaria

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