Parliament to host Blaskhart in the next session

Date: 2019/11/11 18:48 • 135 times read

(Baghdad: Euphrates News) The Council of Representatives lifted its session until next Wednesday, announcing that it will host the UN envoy Jenin Blachart.

According to the Chamber of Information of the House of Representatives, “the Council has finished reading and discussing the proposal of the law of the Second Amendment to the law on compensation for those affected by military operations and military errors and terrorist operations No. (20) for 2009.”

The Speaker of the House of Representatives Mohammed Halbousi that “the aim of the law to compensate those affected by the military operations is to overcome obstacles to the return of citizens to their homes and compensate them for the damage caused to them.”

“The issue of dealing with judges’ decisions must be resolved and overturned by the staff of the compensation committees,” he said.

And ended the “House of Representatives, report and discussion of the proposed law of the Second Amendment to the law of provincial and district council elections no.

The Council “lifted its session until next Wednesday at 1 pm,” noting that ”

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