Iraqi parliament announces a referendum on constitutional amendments


of the Constitutional Amendments Committee

Amend the Iraqi Constitution

2019/11/11 05:51:37

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Deputy Speaker of Parliament Bashir Haddad, announced a referendum after the completion of the expected amendments to the Iraqi Constitution, the first of its kind since it was written in 2005.

Vice-President of the Council of Representatives Bashir Khalil Al-Haddad on Monday, November 11, 2019 Representatives of the committee, representatives of trade unions, presidents of unions, university professors, a number of consultants and experts in the field of laws and writing constitutions attended the constitutional committee.

Al-Haddad stressed the importance of the project in this sensitive situation, as well as the need to involve all spectrums and the contribution of experts and specialists, especially the Iraqi Constitution is today a good constitution in the world, but this does not prevent it from reviewing from time to time to keep pace with the development of society.

He called on the meeting to “come up with recommendations and proposals that serve the process of making the amendments in line with the requirements of the current stage,” adding that “any constitutional amendment can be made to expand the area of rights and freedoms and ensure the deepening of the principles of justice, equality and human dignity, and review the Constitution and amend it a positive issue in accordance with the constitutional mechanisms and contexts and a popular referendum on amendments passed by the House of Representatives. ”

The shape of the Iraqi parliament, and within the packages it reform to meet the demands of the protesters said, a special parliamentary committee to discuss amending the constitution. The

Committee consists of 18 MPs of the three main components of minorities.

This committee is supposed to submit a report to the House of Representatives within a period not exceeding four months, including a recommendation of the necessary amendments to the Constitution. .

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