Hadithi talks about a new election law: it will radically change the course of the political process

 Politics    11.11.2019 17:02  458    Editor: ha      

Baghdad today – special

Spokesman for the Prime Minister’s Information Office Saad al-Hadithi said on Monday (November 11, 2019) that the government is keen to submit the draft amendment to the elections as soon as possible to parliament .

Al-Hadithi said in an interview to (Baghdad today), “The government has no confirmed information that the draft law to amend the elections has been prepared by the specialized committees in the Secretariat and the State Council or not .”

He added that “Abdul Mahdi directed the legal department of the Council of Ministers to present the draft before the State Consultative Council before sending it to Parliament to complete the legislative procedures .”

He explained that “the law will bring drastic changes in the course of the electoral process and establish a new framework for the conduct of elections to ensure opportunities for broad participation of young people and independents in the electoral process .”

He pointed out that “the new law will break the monopoly of the traditional political forces of the elections and open the doors for the new emerging forces to participate effectively and for persons nominated as individuals and independent in equality with political forces .”

The three presidencies held a meeting on Sunday to discuss the demands of the demonstrators, and confirmed the presidency in a statement that the presidents of the Republic and the government and parliament announced the start of legislation a new election law .

The draft electoral law, submitted by the presidency, to reduce the age of nomination to 25 years, and reduce the number of seats to 229 from 325, and the adoption of the judiciary as an electoral district rather than the province and the candidate is not eligible to run more than one constituency, and change the current election commission to a commission composed of judges And independent academics.


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